Merry Snowballs

HatrabbitReleased Dec 2016
HatrabbitReleased Dec 2016


Merry Snowballs to you all!

Relive your childhood snowball fights - this time with gadgets you wish you had and without freezing your hands off! Merry Snowballs takes the player to an American neighborhood in late December with a heart-warming winter spirit and plenty of frosty projectiles in the air! The game lets you utilize room scale to duck, take cover, attack, parry and experience the potential and fun of VR.

Survive through 25 challenging waves with increasing difficulty! Can you make it to the end and also beat the global Merry Snowballs highscore?

BATTLE AGAINST Theo, Blondie, Big Joe and Lily, the next-door kids that share one goal – to make your life more difficult!
CLAIM PICKUPS like snow guns, shields, blizzards, extra lives and use them wisely to progress as far as possible!
SCORE POINTS to reach the top in the global leaderboard!

Get your snowball spirit up and join the fun!

Merry Snowballs is released under the Hatrabbit Playground label.

What's New

Christmas is over but that doesn't stop us from offering you a funnier, longer and more varied Merry Snowballs than ever!

Added new Pickups:
- Double the fun with double Snowgun and feel like a snow cowboy!
- Use the Blizzard and let Snowballs rain from the sky upon your enemies!
- Pickup golden, shiny Superhearts and increase your chances of getting to the top of the leaderboard!

Added sounds to make our players life easier and better. 
- pickup spawn sound
- enemy spawns sound
- enemy sounds when throwing to locate enemy position better
- different pickup sound effects.

- More visible ammo counter on Snowguns.
- Fixed buggy spawn positions of enemies.
- Parcels for extra points now have a fixed spawn count per wave to hinder infinite collection of points.

We hope you all enjoy the update!

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