Vive Video
HTC Creative LabsReleased Jan 2017

HTC Creative LabsReleased Jan 2017


Vive Video is an immersive, cinematic video player for standard, 3D, 180˚and 360˚ videos in VR. Its simple interface and intuitive controls were designed by HTC’s Creative Labs team to work seamlessly with the Vive system. We have partnered with Vimeo to deliver a constantly evolving body of high quality streaming content in version 2.0. Other updates include:

	• A mini-browser interface  that lets you browse the streaming catalog without leaving your current video.
	• Subtitle and Audio Track selection for local videos.
	• Ability to change the viewing environment.

What's New

	•	Fixed 3D over-under rendering error.
	•	Improved swiping sensitivity.
	•	Aligned swiping direction with natural scrolling model.
	•	Added ability to drag and move the video surface when in 180° projection mode. (Note: Re-sizing 180° videos is not supported.)
	•	Automatically localize texts based on system language setting. Available languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

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