Equal Reality - Beta Demo

Equal RealityReleased May 2017
Equal RealityReleased May 2017


Enter someone else shoes to understand and experience unconscious bias.

Equal Reality is training platform for breaking down barriers to diversity and inclusion, by providing new perspectives and experiences.

We create custom training scenarios for social training. This application is a demo of training that we create. If you are interested in creating a scenario for your own training or want to use our scenario for training, please contact us at contact@equalreality.com

What's New

Bug fixes
- Improved UX & onboarding.
- New model with first gen photogrammetry and new IK system.
- Keyboard now has '0' key.
- Results are more accurate.
- Rendering and performance.
- Partner branded on experiences.

Know bugs
- Keyboard only works when the app is focused.
- Replaying of projector slides doesn't work.

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