Toon Ocean VR
TomilanoReleased Sep 2016

TomilanoReleased Sep 2016


Toon Ocean VR is a collection of four magical experiences in which you can meet friendly inhabitants of the ocean.
Take your child into magical underwater world. All four experiences had been adapted to the needs of the youngest. Your child will meet a lot of lovely friends, play with a turtle, and practice his accuracy by throwing pearls into seashell.
-Turtle – your virtual pet. You can have fun with him in one of the experiences by using a controller. 
-Throwing pearls into seashell – personalize the gameplay by using innovative usage of the second controller. 
-All experiences are suitable for children. 
-Two passive experiences that do not require a controller. 
-An option to turn on the time limit for each experience. 
-All experiences have support for tracked motion controllers. 
-Full support for standing and roomscale modes. 
-Two types of experience activation – parental on screen using mouse and standard in-vr menu.

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