ViRDReleased Apr 2017
ViRDReleased Apr 2017


"Makebox" is a 3D virtual reality modeling application which is easy to use and simple enough for anyone to enjoy.

■ Easily create 3D models!
Create 3D models in VR space as if you were building with blocks in real life.

■ Share your creations on the Web!
You can upload your 3D models from the app onto the web! You can also view your models on mobile VR.
You can also easily upload your creations onto Twitter.

■ Save creations as obj files!
You can save your creations as obj files and import them into other 3D modeling programs for editing! You can also import them directly into Unity or UE4 and immediately put them to use!
Of course you can use a 3D printer to print your creations as well!
The software is easy to use so it’s perfect for creating prototypes.

■ Daily themes!
Try your hand at creating models which match daily themes!
If you run out of ideas for what you want to create, try creating something that fits with the daily theme.
Of course, you don’t have to, you can create whatever you wish!

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