Ghost Pursuit VR

Raf1DevReleased Nov 2016
Raf1DevReleased Nov 2016


Your goal: Escape to the ghosts and collect bonuses to destroy them!

    * Choose your game mode: God Mode or First-Person View

    * VR In-Game Level Editor:
Make your customs levels, put blocs, bonuses, ghosts, textures, musics ... fly in your creations in VR.

    * More than 15 official maps

    * Destructible environment

    * A.I.: Ghosts can analyze changes to their environment and even break walls

    * 3 attack bonuses: Proximity bomb, Fireball and Wall breaker

    * 3 defense bonuses: Invulnerability, Ultra Speed and Invisibility

What's New

2.6.0 version:

	- It is now possible to send your maps directly from the level editor:
	- 4 new official maps (City, Inverted Pyramid, Tree and Town):

	- To change the name of a map, go to the "maps" windows folder and rename the file "map_name.gpvr"
	- If a map is created or modified, the presentation image is searched (in the "maps" folder) if its picture exists in the form "map_name.jpg" or "map_name.png", otherwise we check in the file "name_map_image_link.txt" if a link exists
	- Improved Chinese translation thanks to the HTC China team
	- Improved menu rendering
	- The player is invulnerable 1s when he reappears after being caught (in case a ghost is in the same place)
	- The current game mode is saved no matter where it is changed
	- All ghosts see in their backs and can turn around (this allows proximity bombs to be used more often)

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