CINEVR social movie theater

CINEMUR S.A.Released Jul 2017
CINEVR social movie theater
CINEVR social movie theater
CINEMUR S.A.Released Jul 2017


Introducing a multiplayer 3D movie theater to experience videos in VR

Immersive & social user experience: Movies are social. So you can invite up to 4 friends to watch videos simultaneously, with conversations & emojis!

High quality VR theater: We designed a realistic 3D movie theater optimized for mobile VR with high quality textures & various lightings effects.

Spatialized sound: Audio tracks are played in a 360° environnement to high quality immersive experience. You can also discuss with friends.

Friends & reactions: Invite your friends & watch videos together with audio conversation & fun interactions.

Dynamic lightings: We built optimized dynamic lighting that reflect bright & colors in the room.

HD movies, Youtube, 360 & more: Watch premium HD movies, 3D movies, TV Shows, trending YouTube videos. Our dynamic streaming video player play videos from various sources & use DRM to secure premium movies.

This app will be often updated in the coming weeks so stay tuned!
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What's New

- New avatars usable with Vive controllers
- Audio chat is now usable in public and private rooms
- Create private rooms using Facebook Connect to invite friends
- Various UI and graphics enhancements

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