USA TODAY NETWORKReleased Aug 2017

USA TODAY NETWORKReleased Aug 2017


USA TODAY NETWORK wanted to explore the unintended consequences of dividing America. Partnering with our local publications across the country, we created a hub that allows users to immerse themselves in 2,000 miles of conversation, possibilities, and outcomes on both sides of the borders. Beyond concrete and steel, The Wall houses docuseries, virtual reality experiences, complete wall aerial shots, ongoing reporting, narration and a first-of-its-kind interactive map updated to the most current fencing development. 

The stories told tackle more than just the political implications, but dive deeper into issues such as human and drug trafficking, endangered species, ranchers living and working along the line, tariffs, eminent domain, religion, tribes divided, and more. 

Every brick has an angle. So, the USA TODAY NETWORK will put you on the border to see them for yourself. 

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