Brinx SoftwareReleased Jun 2017

Brinx SoftwareReleased Jun 2017


A powerful new way to experience 3D content creation. MasterpieceVR is the only tool that allows you to sculpt and paint using intuitive and dynamic features that let you easily build tangible objects, colorful environments, and high quality models. Co-create with friends and coworkers in the same virtual room in real time or invite spectators to watch.

About MasterpieceVR:
MasterpieceVR is a 3D sculpting and painting tool that is an extension of traditional artistic workflows and opens up new ways for rapid ideation, creation and collaboration in virtual space. Creative professionals and artists can quickly learn to create high-quality 3D content and collaborate with others from all over the world.

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What's New

MasterpieceVR Update: Home Sweet Home! Now you can save your scenes & settings between sessions. Also included: 3D export format (glTF), mixed reality support for SteamVR, and improved teleporting.


1. Save Your Scene

Save the position, rotation and scale of scene objects as well as some data specific to the type of object. Scene files can be found next to regular save files on the palette menu. 

Objects you can save:
- Desktop cameras (field of view, active state)
- Reference images (locked, background visible)
- Reference models
- Point, line and plane guides (visible)
- Mirror (visible)
- Grid (visible)
- Current environment, canvas environment color

2. Saving user settings between sessions:
- Sculpt & Ribbon tool sizes, strengths, shapes, ends, types, color
- Render scale & anti aliasing
- Cube resolution
- Left/Right handed
- Lighting
- Environment & canvas environment color

3. New Export Format: glTF
- glTF is an incredibly powerful and flexible open source 3D f

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