Virtual Home 虚世界Released Dec 2016 虚世界Released Dec 2016


Like the real world, "man" is the core of everything, and everyone has the pursuit of "home", "virtual home" is to let everyone in the VR world, but also can have their own home an attempt. From their own decoration, their placement, mobile furniture or wallpaper replacement, control of home appliances, etc.. Although the family DIY now is just passable, but this is the first time we added social elements where many people believe adding interactive and virtual I (VR in the role of substitute) will become more warm home. Look forward to your visit, meet 2017!

What's New

1 virtual number and password need to login, virtual number: 12345, password: 1
2 have teleport function
3 can be placed at home at the location of the furniture
4 instruction can realize the lights at home, turn off the lights, and a series of instructions
5 when you choose to move the furniture will have a luminous effect
6 can change photos at home, and wallpaper.

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