The Walkabout(sm)
Smart Digital Networks, Inc.Released Apr 2017

Smart Digital Networks, Inc.Released Apr 2017


This free entry level exploration experience is a great introduction to Virtual Reality. 

Easily teleport around to explore every inch of this large photorealist World. Look out over the ocean from a mountain top, chill in a meadow, climb on the rocks or get wet down by the shoreline. 

Realtime HDR lighting enhances the reality of this virtual experience. No unlit low poly flat fill anywhere to be found, instead you will be amazed at the realism of this virtual experience. 

Relax and escape while listening to our all original electronic score. Get away from the real World and enjoy this digital meditation today!

Great for kids, older folks, first time VR uses and anyone looking to sample a simple VR explorer. 

What's New

We have changed the name of the zip file from ""to "" in an effort to supply the proper Manifest binary path for Windows. We have also changed the Manifest binary path to "TheWalkabout\Binaries\Win64\TheWalkabout.exe"

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