Pararea Beta

超元域(北京)科技有限公司Released Jul 2017
超元域(北京)科技有限公司Released Jul 2017


Pararea is a brand-new VR social Space products. including: Online communication, entertainment, social game and other innovative virtual space services. Including
- Interesting online party. Create activity what you like, meet people from anywhere, together to watch movie, TV, sports events, e-sports, live shows…;
- Somatosensory game. There are shooting, Draw and Guess, all kinds of ball games, and you can also invite friends to participate in and have fun together;
- Voice Communication with 3D positional sound
- Various of VR tools  help yourself in this virtual world,including VR browser, Video player, 3D Brush, 2D Brush。
- Click-to-Teleport system for maximum mobility and comfort 
- 2D mode for those with no VR headset to movie or sports events(yeah!!!!) 
- Unique environments to explore, made from the ground up for VR 
The world is but a little place, after all. And we provide you such virtual space experience. Hang out with old friends, new faces at any time you like in Pararea, have fun :).

What's New

Weekly Update Dec.27th,2017
1.Added Clap motion
2.Added Writing Plate in Lobby
3.Added in-game keyboard
4.Added character lip sync

1.Optimized physical mechanism
2.Optimized user experience

Next Plan:
Avatar customization
Customize your appearance in the changing room. Different type of body including full and doll body with lip sync, eye blinking and complete range of motion.

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