Guided Meditation VR
Cubicle NinjasReleased Feb 2017

Cubicle NinjasReleased Feb 2017


Meditation made simple & visual.

Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with the virtual relaxation app Guided Meditation VR. Find your happy place.™

Escape the everyday within 19 environments, featuring over 300 meditation spots.

Enjoy over 15 hours of meditations in Zen, Depression, or Focus. Learn ancient meditation practices in a cutting-edge way. 

Prefer a 10, 5, or 2-minute meditation? Music? Customize your experience to be perfect, just for you.

Not a fan of meditation? Turn off audio to trek through nature at your own pace.

Relax in style as you gently float automatically through beautiful vistas. Motion is like a lazy river for your mind.

Leave the worries of your daily life behind for a short VR vacation and return refreshed.

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Thoughts on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift DK2, and Gear VR editions:

“Guided Meditation’ Proves That ‘VR Relaxation’ Will Almost Certainly Become Its Own Genre”
– Road to VR

"A brilliant way to clear your head of distractions and frustrations."
– Polygon

"Cubicle Ninjas might have just set out to relax the world with Guided Meditation VR, but their passion project could become a revolution [...]"

“When I removed the headset, I felt euphoric. Part of me had expected the experience to be an anti-climax, but instead, it had been a revelation […] My happy, creative mood lasted the rest of the day.”
– IDEO Stories

"If you’re new to meditation, and don’t have access to a class or a teacher, and you’re looking to learn some of the basics of a guided practice like loving-kindness, an app like Guided Meditation VR would help."
– Health

"Slowly, I let the pixelated environment float into my consciousness. I find my eyes resting on the lapping waves that reflect the clouds—a perfect visualization for a metaphor the narrator offers me, to think of my thoughts as clouds and let them pass."
– Fast Company

"Takes relaxation to high-tech levels."

"Turn it on and relax your body and soul."

What's New

Massive update!

* Over 40 New Meditations: Depression, Focus, Maternity, and Sleep.

* New Mode: Motion. Gently float through calming environments.

* 3 New Environments: Subzero, Lost Paradise, and Horizon Dawn.

* Enhanced Menus. Refining the user experience.

* Graphics Updates. Visual updates to make existing environments prettier.

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