Knockout League

Grab GamesReleased Feb 2017
Grab GamesReleased Feb 2017


Welcome to the Knockout League, a single player arcade style boxing game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Its intuitive gameplay involves moving and dodging with your body and 1:1 punch movement that lets you attack how you want without relying on buttons for main gameplay. Train up with various boxing drills to take on a crazy cast of characters with different fighting styles and gameplay in order to become the champion of the Knockout League!

What's New

We are incredibly excited to announce that with our next update, we will officially be coming out of early access!  This release update is our biggest yet, and includes:

•	5 brand new opponents to fight (so the total opponent count is now 9)
•	Re-reordered circuit progression with a title fight at the end of each of the 3 circuits
•	Grudge Match mode, where all 9 characters are faster, stronger, and have new moves
•	Cinematics between each fight to help tie together your progression through the game
•	Heavily overhauled gameplay for fights
•	A revamped stadium environment that includes dynamic jumbotrons
•	A totally redone tutorial which includes lessons about the new fight mechanics
•	Leaderboard support for all game modes
•	Achievements that include an interactive in-game trophy room
•	Completely revamped UI
•	Tons of miscellaneous bug fixes, balance changes, and other tweaks to help polish your experience

Thanks again for the all of the support and feedback during early access!

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