Knockout League - Early Access

Grab GamesReleased Feb 2017
Grab GamesReleased Feb 2017


Welcome to the Knockout League, a single player arcade style boxing game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Its intuitive gameplay involves moving and dodging with your body and 1:1 punch movement that lets you attack how you want without relying on buttons for main gameplay. Train up with various boxing drills to take on a crazy cast of characters with different fighting styles and gameplay in order to become the champion of the Knockout League!

What's New

It’s time for the second major update for Knockout League!  We’re super excited to release a new character, Iron Maiden.  She’s fast, frantic, and very spiky.  Better watch where you place your punches! 

We’re also releasing another training game, Reflex Alley.  Doug’s taking you out back and introducing you to his famous creation, the Doug-o-Matic 5000.  It’s one of Doug’s favorite training tools, and we hope you like it too!  You’ll have to dodge, block, and punch the various objects that are launched by the Doug-o-Matic 5000.  And if you think you have what it takes, see how long you can last in Stamina Mode.  Just make sure you have a workout towel handy…

We also changed/added some gameplay features:

-	Crimson Fang 
o	She now takes damage on every hit you land, instead of only taking damage in her stun state.  She also no longer restarts her attack chain from the beginning if you are hit by one of her attacks.  Instead, she does one less attack for each attack you successfully.

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