Coding LeapReleased Mar 2017

Coding LeapReleased Mar 2017


Noda lets you work with information in 3d-space. Data objects (nodes) and connections between them are represented as shapes and lines which can be created, linked, moved, removed and tagged to create and understand connected data.

Start from scratch adding your own idea bubbles and give them names with a virtual keyboard, or import lists from text files. Import image files for visual tags. Connect things together and change your perspective. Save and restore your maps to update or revisit your work.

This allows something like mind-mapping or white-boarding for big ideas and complex topics. You may find this useful for:

* Conceiving a project
* Planning an event
* Plotting a screenplay
* Mapping a network

The tools are generic so it's up to you what to use them for. Best wishes and let us know what you think!

What's New

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