AltspaceVRReleased Sep 2016
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AltspaceVRReleased Sep 2016
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Share experiences with other people in virtual reality! Discover and attend events, stream videos on gigantic screens, play games, and hang out with friends, family, and people you meet in AltspaceVR. 

Feel free to watch, communicate, explore, and browse with AltspaceVR!
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We feature:
* Voice Communication with 3D positional sound
* Regular and varied events to attend, and the ability to create your own
* Non-verbal communication, enhanced by Leap Motion, Kinect v2, or Perception Neuron
* Click-to-Teleport system for maximum mobility and comfort
* Embedded web browser based on Chromium, customized for readability in VR
* Abilty to share and synchronize web content with others in real time
* Shared and synchronized web viewing, including Netflix, Youtube, and Twitch
* 2D mode for those with no VR headset (yet!)
* 3D web content based on three.js in volumetric web browsers
* Unique environments to explore, made from the ground up for VR

What's New

Initial Release.

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