Studio TrapcardReleased Sep 2017

Studio TrapcardReleased Sep 2017


Lionhearted arrowman Zachery is on a mission to kill a dragon, owned by the cruel King Aaron. The dragon had previously killed many innocent lives on command of King Aaron. This Dragon lives in the volcanic island of Blesco and Zachery has to cross villages, mountains of Allana, dessert Saffera and Blue Ocean before reaching dragon place.

Test your agility and accuracy against hordes of barbarians.
MarksmanVR is an archery defense game based on medieval warfare.
The game is simple and intuitive. Shoot an arrow at the right target and as your skills improve you will achieve better results.

key Features
- Projectile physics based on reality
- Bow mechanics that easy to play with
- Immersive medieval environment
- Boss battle at the end of each chapter
- Combinational skills which are automatically fired (Flame, Push, Multi, Homing, Repair, Manaregen)
- Numerous considerations for your best archery experience in VR
- Wide range of enemies, from medieval warriors to fantasy monsters.

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