Kingdom of Blades

Vive StudiosReleased Nov 2017
Vive StudiosReleased Nov 2017


Game Introduction
The hottest VR slicer title of the year! You play as a front line warrior in the Three Kingdoms Period of China. With nothing to depend on but your swords and your courage, you must slash your way through hordes enemies and face off against the most distinguished of generals on your path to fame and glory. Experience the best in VR swordplay and live out the events of the Three Kingdoms.

Game Mechanics
1. A variety of enemies and challenges await you in each level. All paired with dynamic backgrounds and music to bring an immersive three kingdoms experience.
2. Wield the weapons of notable war heroes to dominate the battlefield. A mixture of duel wielding, shields and special abilities combine to give players the best in VR swordplay. 
3. Zhangjiao, Dongzhuo and Caocao are but a few of the many signature bosses waiting for you on the battlefield. Each with their own unique abilities and voice lines, prepare to face off against the most famous generals and warriors in the history of China.
4. Hone your skills and aim for the top of the global leaderboards. Who will ultimately claim the title of the King of Blades?
5. Share your story with friends and capture the best moments in combat with the in-game selfie feature. Personalize your experience by collecting the masks of fallen generals.
6. Abilities and weapons are all hidden away in golden eggs scattered across the battlefield. Test your luck, smash one open and see what you'll find.

What's New

Patch 1.1 Notes:
New Chapter: The Battle of Xuzhou
Includes six individual levels with four regular minion waves and two boss levels.
New Armor: Shoulder Pads
 Like Chest-pieces, each have their own individual stats and quantity.
Enhanced Photo Sharing Features
Selfies will now be displayed in a photo album on screen to be saved or shared with friends.
New Pre-chapter animations 
Opening animations for each chapter. Are available on the Main Menu once unlocked.
New Chest-pieces: Jade and Rattan
Added weapon and armor racks between levels
Locked weapons now show as gray on the rack
Adjusted Endless Mode
Improved Boss animations
Adjusted particle effects
Added function to allow players to buy weapons
Added new Tips screen during loading
Added function for players to skip the tutorial
Adjusted drop rates for Egg Smashing
Improved Menu UI registration
Adjusted values for certain weapons
Adjusted energy generation
Decreased load times
Various UI tweaks
Various bug fixes

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