inStudio VR
StrataReleased May 2017

StrataReleased May 2017


The virtual reality playground for your 3D models, inStudio VR is where you can experience your designs in a more immersive environment. This helpful app comes with several powerful features geared towards serious designers:

* Comes preloaded with 12 interactive staging environments
* Users can toggle physics to preview models in whatever pose they prefer
* Supports hundreds of thousands of imported triangles (graphic quality is high)
* Real time lighting lets users preview model in various lighting settings
* Supports importation of COLLADA (.dae) files regardless of the 3D software being used
* Adaptive quality allows use of Strata inStudio VR with a variety of computer setups

Strata inStudio VR is optimized for use with the HTC Vive.

What's New

First Release Build:
12 Fully interactive Environments
Model Importing
360 Screenshot
Design tools to assist with staging models
50+ built in shapes

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