Virtual Space
Virtual SpaceReleased Oct 2017

Virtual SpaceReleased Oct 2017


Virtual Space is a VR desktop application we built to provide a true VR Desktop experience to our users. We have finished our alpha version which enable our user to have a bigscreen media experience as well as a 360 video/photo player which allow users to play 180/360 VR contents. But it is still far from our vision of what a true next Gen VR Desktop should be. Therefore we need your feedback and support to help us build a true next gen desktop. Our dream is to one day transform the way you will interact with you personal computer and digital entertainment.

Even though this build is is still in its alpha state with basic functionalities, we have completed the core features which we believe will be valuable to enhance the current VR experiences. We have completed the following features for this early access build: 
1. Displaying Windows Desktop in a VR environment. 
2. Play game and watch movie in a virtual theater. 
3. Stream 360 video directly from Youtube (No download, no wait)
4. Native 3D video player to play 3D video (side by side or over and under videos).
5. Native 360 video player to Play 180/360 degree video.
6. Native 360 Photo Gallery App to view 360 images 
7. Beautiful Live VR environments.
8. Set custom VR environment using your own 360 images.

We are fixing any crash and bug we're encountering as we test it further, please do not hesitate to inform us of any bug/crashes.

What's New

Version 0.119 

We have just released the v0.119 update with point-and-click function for the motion controllers. Sorry for the delay, it was a lot more difficult than we had anticipated.

This patch also includes fixes for various virtual keyboard and motion controller bug that we missed in the previous build.

Currently there's an issue with our streaming function not streaming HD version of the videos for Youtube. That's due to an recent update on Youtube's end, we're looking to adjust our streaming functionality so that it plays the proper version of the video, should be done in a couple of days.

For users who have been experiencing CTD during start of the app. If it's due to a security prompt, simply accept the security prompt, restart the app afterwards and it should start fine next time once the security prompt stops showing up. For user's who just can't start the app no matter what, we have narrowed the crash issue down to our screen capturing functio

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