Hindenburg VR

3DAReleased Nov 2016
3DAReleased Nov 2016


Hindenburg VR
“ The virtual window to the past “

Slightly colorized by imagination but still the detailed and genuine 3D reconstruction of largest flying machine ever built - LZ 129 Hindenburg.
Immerse yourself to the virtual reality and explore the exterior and interior of the airship, read the story behind, enjoy the experience of flight and soak up the atmosphere on board.
Meet the history using the technology of the future, educate yourself through play.
80th Anniversary of the last flight of Hindenburg LZ -129 (3-6 May 1937).
Be prepared to know everything about its design.

4 Experience Modes - Explore, Disaster, Night and RC

1. Explore Mode: 
Exploration of exterior and interior of the airship
Voiceover of the Hindenburg story 
Blueprints, Drawing
Aim Teleport, Free step, Layers toggle, Mini map, Direct Teleport

2. Disaster Mode:
Observation and experience of the crash from all angles
Aim Teleport, Free step, Mini map, Direct Teleport

3. Night Mode:
Exploration of exterior and interior of the airship in the dark
Aim Teleport

4. RC Mode:
Flying with small remote control airship

What's New

Hindenburg VR v1.2

1. Disaster Scene
2. Voiceover
3. Fixed some textures (duralumin girders, ...)
4. Few minor fixes
Warning, Disaster Scene causing distress and vertigo !

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