EnigmaticReleased Dec 2016
EnigmaticReleased Dec 2016


Steel yourself for fast-paced, adrenaline-driving action as you battle alongside your human allies to defeat a vast army of of robotic opponents across a 12-block urban landscape. 

A rogue AI has broken loose and threatens to spread globally. The hard lines have been cut. An EM blanket has been lowered, but the AI is building a force to break out. You are a veteran of the elite Cyber Threat Task Force. Your mission: take it down.

The Experience
CyberThreat is designed from the ground-up for room-scale virtual reality systems like the HTC Vive. Massive battle scenes with dozens of opponents provide an unparalleled experience. Use a range of weapons to engage your enemies and slow down time, dodging around bullets and enemies in a Matrix-like engagement. Move freely about the city via blink teleportation or touchpad navigation from ground level to rooftop and beyond; seek cover and engage your foes.

- Arsenal of Weapons - dual pistols, assault rifle, zoom-able sniper rifle, rocket launcher, time dilator 
- Jetpack - take to the skies 
- 12 Block Urban Environment 
- Battle from ground level to rooftop and inside buildings 
- 9 Robotic opponents including drones, robots, mechs, spiders and turrets 
- Move seamlessly from street level to rooftop using blink teleportation 
- Destructible cars, trucks, buses, fire hydrants, ATMs and more 
- 23 Scenarios 
- 4 Defense Modes 
- 3 Challenge Modes 
- Open World Mode
- Daytime/Nighttime Modes

What's New

We've made a huge number of improvements to the game:

Expanded Map - 17 City blocks and more indoor spaces

New Parkour Features Including Arm Running, Jumping, Climbing

New Menu Design
New Weapon: Flamethrower
New Allies - Tanks, Allied Drone, CyberThreat Trooper
Enhanced Effects
Improved Performance

Additional Language Support - Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanich 

Hot Keys
Use hot keys to jump your friends into the action.
1 - Freeplay - Easy
2 - Freeplay - Medium
3 - Freeplay - Hard
4 - Demo/Ouroboros mode
0 - Explore Mode
f - Toggle Full Screen

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