Sci-Fi Galaxy(sm)
Smart Digital Networks, Inc.Released Apr 2017

Smart Digital Networks, Inc.Released Apr 2017


Smart Digital Networks, Inc. invites you to explore another world, watch classic sci-fi trailers and films, enjoy our live celebrity sci-fi news feeds, find a few strange space blasters and other exotic collectable trinkets, preview goods available at, hang around with friends or meet out of this World beings from another Galaxy. ∞❤∞

What's New

Sci-Fi Galaxy is the virtual reality cousin of Sci-Fi Galaxy(sm) / the on-line retail store. The current version allows you to freely teleport and walk around in room scale in four low poly alien environments. We have included a unique sky box that is a image taken from outer space for each of the four worlds. We have not included any on-line shopping in the virtual reality experience. However you can watch trailers and a few full length sci-fi films and play with a few space weapons that shoot pretty particles.

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