VrWorld Korea

VRillAR Co.,LtdReleased Apr 2017
VRillAR Co.,LtdReleased Apr 2017


If you enjoy using Google earth VR, now is the time for you to explore VrWorld Korea which covers a 3D based virtual Korea. Google earth VR does not provide users with this unique experience for Korea due to Korean regulations.

This app allows you to travel around most sites in Korea as if you were in the country and with our realistic 3D graphics powered by Unreal Engine, the experience is simply amazing. See breathtaking views of the Han river from the top of the iconic 63 Building in Seoul or visit beautiful islands like Jeju Island.

You can also tour around the 9 major Korean cities and 58 local regions in this 3D-VR version provided by the Korean Government Agency, VWorld. 

What's New

problem fixed
 -sometimes not showing buildings and detailed texture

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