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Terms of Use

Nano2d User’s Manual Version 1.8 2020/06/01 VR control: virtual hands Grab anobject (atomic structure, 3d bands) with a single hand by pressing the trigger Rescale an object (atomic structure, 3d bands, ruler) with two hands by pressing the triggerson both controllers VR control: laser pointer Turn on/off laser pointer by pressing the A-button Interact with the canvas using the laser pointer and the trigger as if using a mouse Grab an object using the laser pointer by pressing the trigger VR control: teleportation Move from one place to another instantaneously by pressing and releasing the joystick Nano2d: database • Select elements in the periodic table • Select a material from the material list • Scroll across the material list by moving the joystick Nano2d: atomic structure • Hold the atomic structure of a material with a single virtual hand • Rescale the atomic structure of a material with two virtual hands Nano2d: band structure • Load 3d band structure using “Show 3D bands” button • Turn on/off Fermi level using “Fermi Level” toggle • Lock/unlock 3d bands in translation, rotation, rescale using “Lock Bands” toggle • Use hands or laser pointer to interact with 3d bands and ruler • Reset 3d bands and ruler using “Show 3D bands” button Nano2d: phonon spectrum • Load phonon vibration modes using “Show Phonon Mode” button • Select a vibration mode using the laser pointer on the phonon spectrum • Change vibration amplitude using “Amplitude” slider • Change vibration frequency using “Frequency” slider Credit • VR development: Yu (Eric) Zhu,Mingle Huang • QE calculation: Xianghua Kong • Digital art: Fanjing Zeng • Materials database: N. Mounet, M. Gibertini, P. Schwaller, D. Campi, A. Merkys, A. Marrazzo, T. Sohier, I. E. Castelli, A. Cepellotti, G. Pizzi & N. Marzari, Two-dimensional materials from high-throughput computational exfoliation of experimentally known compounds, Nat.Nanotech. doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0035-5 (2018).

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