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Stop Sign VR helps you avoid hitting your computer monitor, TV, walls, ceiling, lamps, furniture and other objects in and around your VR play area.
While you are playing other games a prediction algorithm warns you of possible impacts using sound, images and haptic feedback. 

Position (virtual) boxes around your valuable (real) equipment, such as TVs, ceiling fans, room lighting and so on.
Enter your ceiling height to get proximity alerts for the ceiling. If you want, it can also alert you before hitting the floor.

The boxes will fade out when you're not close, so they do not disturb normal gameplay. The fade-out and full-visibility distances can be configured for each box separately.
If you don't know where your boxes are, because they're faded out, press the System button and look around.


-> runs alongside other games
-> works with all SteamVR/OpenVR software, games, headsets, controllers and trackers
-> perfect for when you play Hack and Slash games or other games with melee weapons
-> many configurable settings such as: alert distance, alert sound volume (or use no sound at all), turn off the default chaperone warning system, alerts for hitting ceiling or floor, etc.
-> use the separate Settings Editor program to edit all settings in Windows (not in VR); also use it to add, remove and edit boxes
-> predicts impacts of all your tracked devices: HMD, controllers and trackers
-> does not harm the performance of other VR software
-> the Stop Sign VR runtime is 100% coded in C++ and optimized to spend very little CPU/GPU cycles

The separate Settings Editor program is in the Windows System Tray, next to the clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

The alert sounds are spatialized by Steam Audio's HRTF-based binaural rendering so you will hear where the closest wall or object is, even if you can't see it.

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What's New

Stop Sign VR has been updated to include a Settings Editor. This Settings Editor runs in Windows, not in VR. This is especially useful for VR Arcades that restrict player access to the SteamVR Dashboard.
There's an icon in the Windows System Tray, next to the clock, to open the Settings Editor. Please see one of the screenshot images above.

-> The Settings Editor can be used to configure all settings, such as what sounds to use, whether or not to alert for ceiling impacts, the sensitivity of the prediction algorithm, etc.
-> You can also add, remove and edit boxes using the Settings Editor. E.g. you can change the image to use on the sides of the boxes, configure the distances at which the boxes fade out and whether the boxes cause proximity alerts and/or impact warnings. This is configurable for each box separately.
-> The changes you make will be active a few seconds after you save them.
-> The maximum number of boxes has been increased to 8.

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