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5 GB


NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater

Additional Notes

BearHammer pushes higher end more realistic style VR graphics and has one of the larger maps in VR titles, so it may not run well under these recommended specs.

Developer information


BearHammer Games Ltd



BearHammer Games Ltd



BearHammer will make you feel strong, like BEAR. In BearHammer you can absolutely smash enemies with giant hammers, sending them flying throughout Bearonia with powerful ragdoll physics. You can also THROW these hammers and return them, simply by holding the trigger.

BearHammer is an action RPG arcade game, a unique mix between a wave based arcade game and a story-based RPG.

For fans of quick action & difficult challenges, there are 20 waves featuring different varieties of monsters and different objectives, ranging from taking down powerful bosses, surviving onslaughts of enemies with unique attacks, to defending the village of Bearonia itself. We hope this arcade style gameplay appeals to people looking for quick satisfying and especially challenging gameplay, making it a fun game to show off to friends.  Combat in the game is also family friendly, as the game features no blood or gore, but still gives a satisfying feeling of impact when hitting monsters.  

For fans of story, immersion, and exploration, BearHammer features the beautiful island of Bearonia to explore with a variety of new weapons to unlock and special challenges hidden around the island. You'll get the opportunity to ride a bear, fly on a dragon, use a mushroom drum set, and discover some of the hidden story elements behind the Toad King's invasion.

You are tasked with defending Bearonia and its inhabitants of bears, turtles, and rabbits from the invasion of the evil armies of the Toad King, who summons evil StabRats, Crabbos, Dragon Beasts, Battle Toads, and more to spread his Power of the Frossst.

This isn't another wave based game where you don't move and everything just comes at you--to win at BearHammer you must plan your attack and move throughout the level to stop different boss monsters and close portals from spawning more enemies.

The game features teleport controls and free motion controls, which have given very few players dizziness due to the game's level design that features mostly flat ground and far views of the horizon.

In the coming months, we plan to add online multiplayer to the game, to support both co-op modes and a 4-player domination mode where you'll have the ability to summon monsters to attack your opponents in addition to swinging the game's namesake BearHammers. Further out on our road map, we'll also be adding additional maps and single player challenges.

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What's New

All players now have access to the viking spinners, try out changing weapons with the top button on vive or y button on oculus.
Wave 5 unlocked for all players--skip to this wave if you want to experience more difficult combat.  Also suggest trying endless mode for the ultimate challenge.
Fix for deer/fox pathing so they stay in the bear village!

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