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ESI Germany GmbH






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ESI Group presents the IC.IDO Virtual Integration Demo for HTC Vive Business Edition. 

Walk through and play immersive engineering "games" in the IC.IDO workshop. Conduct a series of Holistic Virtual Integration evaluations in an immersive interactive virtual reality experience. 

Don’t leave it to chance; designs might “look good on paper” but could still fail in reality. Conducting virtual reality reviews of your CAD product and process designs requires more than viewing your CAD data in immersive 3D with the HTC Vive Business Edition. Take the opportunity, with this demo, to see first-hand how engineers the world over are using VR to evaluate their designs of Virtual Integration issues.

IC.IDO | Work meets Play
Use virtual reality to answer these and other questions in this VR challenge 
1.	Can you identify the sequence to remove the orange block from the puzzle? 
•	In a simulation of Virtual Build, identify assembly or disassembly requirements 
•	Use your virtual hands to slide the game pieces to un-block the orange piece
2.	Can you complete the circuit, and then trace the circuit path without creating a short?
•	Maneuver the missing link into the circuit, looking out for obstacles
•	It will take steady hands to trace the circuit path, being careful to avoid collision and a short circuit
3.	Can you install a custom “key” into fitted fixture? 
•	Only when the correct key is fully installed will you reach the end of the game
•	Validate that proposed components are fit to install and disassemble

When applied to industrial applications, IC.IDO is already a recognized leader in immersive engineering applications. Our users have long used projected virtual reality to identify and resolve issues with the integration of their product designs into the process environment. With the addition of head mounted displays like the HTC Vive Business Edition, engineers will be able to take engineering reviews "out of the CAVE" and perform immersive design reviews at their own HMD equipped workstations.
•	Will operators be able to access the needed components during build and service? 
•	 What sequence for assembly or disassembly will be best for production and service?
•	Can the product be reached once it is installed?
•	How will operators handle the product during manufacturing processes?
•	Is it comfortable to work with and handle the product during operation, service, or assembly?

IC.IDO Virtual Integration Demo is a demonstration only version of Engineering Software IC.IDO, an industry leading VR for engineering software for the past 15 years. With this new HMD demo version see the how engineers can use VR to validate their design integration for safe and effective assembly and service operations. With the full version of IC.IDO, engineers import their own CAD data and define interactive VR sessions using real data with minimal preparation or conversion of geometry. IC.IDO enables engineers to define real time solid mechanics simulations for their designs without complex coding or programming, but instead using a purpose built engineering user interface, to easily bring their designs into the interactive VR environment.

Recommended for 2.5m x 3.0m (8.5’ x 10’) chaperone space.

To find out more about commercial application of VR for engineering and design, read more at:


If you have questions, feedback, or recommendations, please let us know at IC.IDO@esi-group.com

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Initial Release (11.01.2017)

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