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Medical Virtual Reality for 3D Surgery Planning and Education

Medicalholodeck's virtual reality applications are used by medical students to prepare their exams, by professionals for surgery planning in teams, and in medical education for teaching in virtual classrooms. There are 3 apps available on the Medicalholodeck: Medical Imaging XR, Dissection Master XR, and Anatomy Master XR. They can be used simultaneously, and in teams.

Start your free full trial in the settings menu under the cogwheel icon.


Dissection Master XR is the human anatomy and simulation lab in virtual reality. The app offers hi res 3D data of human cadavers in a VR classroom environment. The professionally dissected bodies can be studied layer by layer from the outer muscles to the inner organs. The following datasets are included: 8 layers of head and thorax, 7 layers of abdomen and pelvis, 10 layers of arms. More datasets will be added continuously.

The anatomy datasets are fully annotated and linked to Wikipedia for further information. The app is ready for teaching in virtual reality and for live web streaming to mobile devices.


Medical Imaging XR is the DICOM Viewer for professional teamwork in virtual reality. The software enables import and editing of medical images in DICOM and 3D formats. The following data can be imported: 3D DICOM from CT, MRI, and CBCT, 2D DICOM from ultrasound and angiography, 3D data in OBJ and STL formats.

Medical Imaging XR provides functions for editing medical images in VR, such as tools for segmenting, measuring, filtering or cutting. It is also ready for collaborative teamwork in virtual reality. Connect to other users over the internet or create live web streams to a broad audience.

Please note that on untethered VR headsets, only small DICOM datasets can be displayed. For full performance, tether the Quest to a VR-ready computer.


Anatomy Master XR
Study the precise 3D male and female human anatomy models of Zygote in virtual reality. The high-resolution and carefully textured 3D models can be taken apart and studied as an interactive 3D object from any side. The beautifully textured anatomies data can be cut, filtered, and enlarged.

Anatomy Master XR can be used simultaneously with Dissection Master XR and Medical Imaging XR. This enables the comparison of accurate human anatomy models, high-resolution anatomical dissections, and medical images in DICOM format and provides a comprehensive solution for medical education. The app is also ready for teamwork in VR and for live web streaming.


Classrooms in VR
TeamXR, the app for medical virtual collaboration, is integrated in Medicalholodeck and connects you to other users over the internet.
Live Web Streaming
Use live web streaming to teach a broader audience. Anatomy professors around the world are using Medicalholodeck’s applications to stream their lessons directly to the mobile devices of the students.

Use all Medicalholodeck applications simultaneously and compare 3D anatomy models, realistic human dissections, and medical images from CT, MRI, CBCT, ultrasound and angiography. The Medicalholodeck bundle provides the comprehensive medical software for personal medical studies and professional education.


Activate your Free Full Trial
This download comes with a free full trial of all 3 Medicalholodeck apps including TeamXR. Once started, go to the settings page under the cogwheel icon and activate your trials.


Get a license
After the trial you can purchase a student’s, EDU or Pro license here:


Find tutorials here:


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What's New

Version 2 of the successfull Medical XR platform.

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