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Five Mind Creations UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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Five Mind Creations UG (haftungsbeschränkt)




Five Mind Creations UG (haftungsbeschränkt)




PowerBeatsVR is a high-intensity VR fitness game where you box, dodge, and squat to the rhythm of energetic music. Choose between official songs with leaderboards and dozens of professional workouts or play with your own music using the generator. See those calories burn and your pulse racing.

PowerBeatsVR trains your entire body like no other game in VR. Move with the beat as you punch, duck, and dodge your way through challenging obstacle courses in several virtual arenas. Shatter incoming boulders into pieces and see those calories burn with ease.

The more you move and the stronger you hit, the higher your score. Have fun while training your stamina, strength, and reflexes.

Experience intense VR workouts on higher levels of difficulty. Or choose the easier modes, and just enjoy smashing stuff to the beat of a diverse and energetic soundtrack. In any case, there is a leaderboard waiting for you.

Want to use your own music? Just do it. Let the game auto-generate everything the way you like it or get creative and built workouts for your custom songs with the editor.


Huge Choice of Workouts
- Over 50 Professionally Designed Workouts: Everything perfectly fits the underlying rhythm of two official music packs with 24 songs and a wide variety of music genres.
- Generator for Your Own Music: Play with any music you like and how you like it. Want less squatting and more dodging? Just change the settings.
- 3 Difficulties: No matter your skill or fitness level, there is a suitable challenge. 

Customizable Experience
- Playlists: Create your own playlists for extended workouts. Use the endurance mode to play without any rest between songs or try the endless mode until exhaustion.
- Easy-To-Use Editor: Get creative and create challenges from scratch within VR or modify auto-generated workouts to suit your needs.

Fitness Check
- Leaderboards: Compete with others and fight your way to the top.
- Calorie Tracking & Fitness Metrics: Check your training duration, squats, and calories you have burnt. And receive real-time metrics and performance summaries.
- Heart Rate Monitoring Support: See your heart rate in-game with our unique integration of ANT+ or Bluetooth HRMs.

- 4 Unique Weapons: Start with your fists and unlock further weapons (hammer, shield, and powerfist) as you play.
- Avatar System: Showcase your performance with built-in avatars or LIV.

- For Any Player Height: The game adapts all workouts to your height – whether you are 3ft (1m) or 7.2ft (2.2m) tall, you will get the same effective workout as everyone else!
- Highly Adjustable: Having knee problems? Deactivate obstacles that are too demanding. Want to maximize the challenge? Just play with the modifiers and increase speed, required range, strength, and precision.

Winner of the "DIVR Award 2019 - Special Category Sports"
3x Finalist in the "VR Fitness Insider Awards 2019"
2x Finalist in the "VR Fitness Insider Awards 2020" in the categories:
- Best VR Fitness Game of the Year
- Best Cardio VR Fitness Game of the Year

Note: The game requires a playspace of at least 6'6''x4'11'' (2x1.5m).

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What's New

v3.0.2: Minor Update

- Fixed occasional crashes when adding multiple songs to a playlist at once 
- Fixed bug not playing the whole custom music file in special situations
- Fixed bug showing the laser pointer after double tapping pause button during song
- Fixed loading screen not rotating with adjusted playspace on SteamVR
- Fixed the local info text on SteamVR
- Fixed bug not showing the playlist info during endless playlists
- Fixed missing message on error when loading a song

- "Reset" button in playspace adjustment now also resets width to "Auto"
- Checkmark "and play" in the generator settings now saves its state during a session
- Added initial visual cue to the playlist button
- Improved auto playspace size detection for more play area

v3.0.1: The Usability Update

Major Improvements:
- Completely reworked the re-centering feature
- Fixed the occasional crashes when browsing 
  through local audio files

Minor Improvements:
- Added center mark on front b

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