Townsmen VR

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Build a medieval village within a completely interactively simulated world!

Townsmen VR uses the exciting possibilities of virtual reality to further enhance the classic city building game with entirely new gameplay experiences and interactive mechanics.

The time has come! After a complete redesign, you are no longer confined to a small island in the middle of an endless ocean. After the update, Townsmen VR gives you not only a single island to explore but a world to interact with. The game combines elements of a God-game simulation and a classic building game with the interactive possibilities of VR controls. Whether from a bird's eye view or zoomed in close, you will always experience the action from the right perspective.

You start on an island and expand your might over a world of 13 different islands and archipelagos. Filled to the brim with exciting features, gizmos, and things to lay your virtual hands-on. Build 23 unique buildings and upgrade them. Immerse yourself in a thrilling story with many exciting quests that will provide you with hours of fun!

The game is currently in Early Access. We are excited to hear your feedback and ideas to make Townsmen VR an even better virtual reality experience in the future!

As the population of your empire grows, so does the demand for food and goods. Production chains help you meet this need. When you build farms, you can grind the grain harvest there at the mill and bake delicious bread for your Townies from the flour. Your windmill won’t operate when the winds are calm? No worries, give those wings a push. Slap that lazy dude with a fish or help your citizens collect about 20 different raw materials. You want to see the world you helped create from the view of a townsman? Use your godly powers and scale yourself to experience your town at eye level with your townies.

Farm animals such as cows, sheep, and chickens provide you with important resources to produce food. Your hunters will find rabbits and deer to stalk. You have to be careful of wild animals like wolves or bears that you encounter! Seagulls are eager to steal your catch, while above the battlefields the crows' caw, and high up in the sky eagles fly free.

In time you should begin to also hire soldiers to defend your realm against intruders and enemy forces! Besides different types of soldiers, you can also make use of heavy artillery: A catapult can punch sensitive gaps in the enemy’s ranks! And should you run out of boulders, remember: everything you can lay your hands on can be used as ammo! But the enemy kingdom is not the only problem your soldiers will have to face. Some islands are infested with sinister pirates who are after your precious resources!

Intuitive control of the environment helps you moving about – you can literally crawl over the island or move your viewpoint as you would position your images on your smartphone. You’ll get accustomed to ruling your empire very fast.

Simulation: Assign jobs and tasks to your villagers to build your supply chains and economy.
Town-planning: Unlock new buildings and place them freely within your village to optimize transport routes.
Experience: Brush over trees, form clouds into dangerous thunderstorms, go fishing with your bare hands and talk to your townies.
Interaction: Simply carry workers or resources directly to their destination to speed up the construction of buildings and production.
Fight: Recruit brave soldiers, build catapults and protect your island from the Black Knights raiding henchmen.
Tutorial: Your personal advisor Sir Clunk-a-lot will accompany you on your virtual tour of the medieval age with useful tips.
Sound: Medieval music, adorable sound effects, and a classy English voice over ensure a fitting atmosphere.

funding support by FFF Bayern
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

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What's New

Townsmen VR is getting the huge update players have been eagerly awaiting for a long time.
First off: Thank you all for your patience. It took us way longer than initially planned to bring you this update, but we're confident that it has been worth waiting for. This complete overhaul of the game includes:

- A fully voiced story campaign arching over 13 islands
- Around 20 resources and over 20 buildings
- More than 30 upgrades and add-ons for your buildings
- Your new monks and nuns can research even more build options
- New animals like cows, sheep, chickens, and even wild animals that are roaming the islands
- A fully-fledged trading system, complete with a harbor, ships, and marketplace
- In addition to your archers and knights you can expand your troops with swordsmen, spearmen, and crossbowmen (and -women)
- Deal with dangerous pirates and shady merchants
- Discover hidden secrets on every island
- Completely revamped UI and more quality of life improvements

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