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You say you’re learning about engineering design? Well, put on the headset and join us in China as you stand on the Great Wall of China and see how The Great Wall winds its way through the mountains of China. Even more, learn how the invading Mongols from the north caused China to undertake this engineering marvel. 

This unit - Masters of Design - is set in a mountain-based research facility which takes you on an amazing journey through design and engineering. 

Our Manga comic book in a dark virtual reality room, takes you through the discoveries of Thomas Edison as he learned to harness electricity. While you’re in the room, be sure to set the vintage radio to your favorite classical station. 

Fly among the clouds in our learning game as you take off and soar through the skies. When presented with questions, just lean in and dive or rise toward the correct answer. This game is fast-paced and an adrenaline rush. 

Ever stood in the middle of a winter snow storm? Wendy the Science Teacher takes us out into the snow as she explains the science of making snow. 

You will also enjoy a visually engaging story about solar cars. The engineering challenges of solar powered cars gives us a fascinating under the hood look at how they work and the impact they might have on our future. 

-If you’re learning engineering design, might as well do it in the majesty and amazement of our virtual reality world.
-Stand on the Great Wall of China and learn how all the steps of engineering design were used in the building of earth’s greatest work of engineering.
-Read a virtual reality Manga comic book about the history of Thomas Edison and his work to harness electricity.
-Like games? Soar through the clouds in our game as you answer questions and search for the answers in the clouds.
-National runner-up teacher of the year, Wendy Martin, explores how snow is made in a full 360 surround experience.
-All of the experiences in this unit take place in our mountain-based research facility. 
-Solar cars and the engineering design challenges they face are one of our virtual reality stories contained in this unit. 
-As always, this unit is chock full of Next Gen Science Standards as each experience is specifically aligned with the most prominent set of standards used in the United States.

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First release of Masters of Design on Vive Focus

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