The Last Day Defense

ARVI lab
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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater

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ARVI lab






Unleash your strategy and get ready to defend your land – feel the responsibility for the fragile future of mankind and stand up for it with The Last Day Defense - VR tower defense game.

You find yourself in the middle of the persistent military conflict between two cosmic empires – both of them come from the Earth, both of them conduct R&D on time manipulation, and both are equally powerful in synthesizing necessary materials from any other ones by means of energy – the main source of the future civilizations. 
This struggle is ongoing for several centuries… but the enemy goes for a desperate and dangerous move – changing the course of history…
…They send their crew and a massive replicator (which can produce a diverse weapon, equipment, and machines out of nothing) to the past of the Earth, the cradle of civilization, to wipe out our ancestors and win the war in this dirty way.
Can you let this happen?
When the attack starts and our reality begins to collapse, the scientists find the turning point and send the temporal ship to prevent the disaster.
You're on board! Try your hand at being a temporal agent: challenge your brain by building defensive structures, destroy the enemy equipment, and give thought to the victory strategy, using a map of battles, a replicator, and the limited energy supply, which your team has managed to throw back to the past.
Use your brain and fighting skills to survive and save the whole empire from erasing.

Key Features:

* Difficulty  levels.  Do  you  want  to  relax  and  admire  the  scenery?  Or  are  you  ready  to  take  up  our  challenge  on  maximum  difficulty?*  It’s  up  to  you.
* Game  levels,  made  with  a  love  of  details.  You  will  like  to  examine  them! 
* Weather  effects  at  levels  designed  to  emphasize  and  complement  their  atmosphere.  
* Different  sizes  of  levels.  From  small  training  levels  to  truly  huge  and  complex  ones.  
* Time  for  completing  one  level  is  comfortable  for  VR.  You  won’t  have  time  to  get  tired.  
* 25  game  levels.
* 12  towers  are  divided  into  3  branches.  Each  of  them  has  its  strengths  and  weaknesses.  Explore  them  and  use  wisely!  
* 3  branches  of  modules  for  improving  towers,  3  levels  in  each.  Improve  the  characteristics  of  the  towers  when  the  operational  situation  requires. 
* The  landscape  that  affects  the  gameplay.  Consider  it  and  combine  it  with  features  of  the  towers.
* Sale  of  towers.  Commission  –  50%. 
* 32 various enemy units.
* Ranks  of  units.  It’s  easy  to  kill  a  newbie,  but  try  to  cope  with  a  veteran!
* A  fair  fight.  Units  can  also  attack  your  towers  and  disable  them.
* Regeneration  of  units.  Some  of  them  will  cause  more  troubles  than  others.  Better  kill  them  right  away.
* Combinations  of  towers.  Competent  planning,  teamwork,  and  no  magic!
* A  variety  of  waves  of  units.  Have  you  built  an  impenetrable  line  of  defense?  We  will  be  able  to  surprise  you!**
* Control  the  speed  of  the  game  process.  From  the  spectacular  slow  motion  mode  to  4x  when  re-completing.  The  “Moment  Stop”  mode  as  a  gift.
* The  scale  of  miniature  battles.  An  unexpected  combination  and  a  unique  experience  of  full  dive  in  VR.
* Just  play  the  way  you  like  it.  We  did  everything  for  a  comfortable  game  sitting,  standing,  and  playing  in  a  large  play  area.  Dynamic  adaptation  of  the  height  of  the  menu,  the  manual  change  of  the  height  of  the  table,  precise  mechanics  of  movement,  and  even  a  turn  of  the  world.
* Configure  the  game  to  suit  your  needs.  We’ve  collected  many  reviews  and  tried  to  give  you  the  opportunity  to  customize  the  gameplay  in  the  way  that  is  convenient  for  you.  Just  go  to  the  settings  menu.
* A  global  rating  table.  Can  you  get  into  the  Top  10?  And  in  the  Top  3?
* Achievements.  Everyone  loves  to  get  them  ;)  


* – The  use  of  the  maximum  difficulty  level  can  lead  to  irreversible  damage  to  the  controllers,  helmet,  monitor,  as  well  as  any  interior  design  items  that  were  at  hand,  on  average  after  the  18th  unsuccessful  attempt  to  complete  the  level.
** – Use  the  maximum  difficulty  level  only  to  get  high-octane  thrills.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

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What's New

+ Several bugfixes

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