Vengeful Rites

Deep Dive Interactive
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Deep Dive Interactive



Deep Dive Interactive



Inspired by classics of the genre, Vengeful Rites aims to bring a proper adventure to Virtual Realty. With an average campaign length of around 15 hours and replayability in the form of different weapon, ring and perk combinations, you'll be engrossed in your quest for some time. Specialize in swords, bows or magic to dominate your foes in the way that best suits your playstyle and achieve your vengeance on your own terms! You've got everything you need to accomplish your task. Your journey awaits...

Smooth/Teleportation locomotion supported.

Main Features Include:
A story of vengeance!
The fallen Serafin, Dragore, returns to slay Abardon, his former brother-in-arms and your master. It falls to you to seek him out and exact your revenge lest the world fall prey to Dragore's pending invasion!

Master your swordsmanship!
Melee enemies are quick to react and to catch you off guard. Master the blade and overcome deadly foes by parrying and cutting them down. No waggling to win here!

Powerful and intuitive magic!
You're not limited to simple swords and've got the power of Serafin magic right at your finger tips! Use intuitive gestures to summon shields, throw fireballs, heal yourself, knock back enemies and more!

Specialize in different combat disciplines!
Acquire Elixirs of the Gods to earn perk points that make you more proficient with swords, bows, magic or any combination of the three. Unlock ultimate perks to dual wield, master powerful spells or gain the ability to imbue your arrows with magical properties! Talk about replayability...

Enchant your swords for greater control of the fight!
Meteorites have crashed all around the world since Dragore's return. Find them and gather their shards to sharpen your blades, enchanting them with the ability to ignite, chill, electrify, steal mana or health! Use the shards that best suit your playstyle!

Solve ancient riddles and puzzles!
There are hidden treasures everywhere. Brawn won't get you everything; you'll need brains to remove the obstacles that would bar your path and uncover ancient treasures long forgotten.

Defeat epic bosses!
Dragore's not the only one you have to worry about! His lieutenants and their soldiers promise to make your task as difficult as possible. Learn their weaknesses and take them down on your quest to save the world and bring Dragore to justice!

Craft your way to victory!
Found a hidden recipe? Bring it to a forge and make yourself a new sword! Defeating a boss earned you a shiny new gem? Use it to make a powerful ring with a passive bonus to better customize your playstyle!

Join the conversation!
You'll come across some talkative characters throughout your adventure. Talk back with speech recognition for more immersive NPC interactions!

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What's New

The game is no longer in early access!

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