Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire

Dark Catt Studios Interactive
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Dark Catt Studios Interactive



Dark Catt Studios Interactive



Djinni & Thaco is a VR Strategy Game with Monty Python-style humor, motion and gesture spell casting, volumetric cutscenes, and a guest appearance by Lloyd Kaufman.
About the Game: 
Are you ready to grant a Wizard’s wish? In Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire, a first person virtual reality strategy game, take on the role of the Djinni, a magical spirit of tremendous and terrible power. You are summoned by Thaco, a wizard, who needs your help in defeating his enemy, the tyrannical King Crambone. You’ll take on Crambone’s vast armies.
This game is what VR has been missing. It goes back to the roots of old school gaming with a base strategy concept but brings a fresh tech update that showcases the abilities of VR with motion and gesture spell casting. The unique blend of offensive and defensive spells and towers combined with a resource economy, is all sewn together with comedic sportscasters The Duke and Wolf Hawkins. The announcers have a unique behavior tree that narrates and reacts to the game elements. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of addictive game play across 3 unique modes. Featuring:
Unique/ Key Features:

Motion and Gesture Controls: Move your hands and arms, instead of just pressing buttons, to cast devastating spells and strategically build your defenses. 
Dynamic Announcers that respond to gameplay: Burton “The Duke” Archibald and Wolf Hawkins are your announcers and commentary. They have unique behavior trees that talk about in game activity. Their comedic personalities are inspired from professional wrestling’s Jim Ross and the announcers from the movie “Dodgeball”.

Monty Pthyon-esque Humor:  With an actual cast of characters, and a humorous plot, this is a break from the overdone Zombie FPS shooter and mechanic driven game play. Inspired by comedy greats like Monty Python, Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire is filled with comedic characters, including two play-by-play announcers and a guest appearance by Lloyd Kaufman.
Extensive Replayability: With 3 game modes now (and more coming), as well as having a base strategy game at its core, Djinni & Thaco is not a buy once play once game.
Volumetric Cutscenes: How do you tell a story in VR?  Djinni & Thaco uses a miniature game board (The Collin Sphere) that moves like a camera and has depth/ 3 dimensions and dynamic audio, unlike 360 video. Each of Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire’s levels starts out with a “skippable” volumetric cutscene. 
First Person Battlefield Presence: Unlike other Strategy games that typically have an top down overview mode, you set up a your defenses and queue the waves to attack, your direct actions on the battlefield matter as much if not more than the defenses you construct 
High Quality Art with VR in Mind: Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire features stunning visuals developed specifically to present players with vivid colors and impressive depth while also performing excellently in virtual reality
Skippable Tutorials: Every player needs tutorials. We all hate having to re-do them when we replay the game. So are our skippable cutscenes, BUT we advise to do the tutorial the first time…….
For support and any gameplay issues email: 

Upcoming patches/ bug fixes:
Announcer animations being rolled back in, after behavior tree fix 
Height and player centering fix
End game animation/ audio sync fix
Later Patches: 
Full Valve Index support with advanced functionality and hand animations * Currently Index works (Bindings mapped) but is not supported*
Windows MR  support* Currently Windows MR works (Bindings mapped) but is not supported*

**** No elves, demons, or dwarfs were injured in the making of this game. Knights however… screw the knights.****

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What's New

Final level fixes

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