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Incineration Productions
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Additional Notes

© 2021 SpellPunk VR, developed and published by Incineration Productions JSC. All rights reserved.

Developer information


Incineration Productions






SpellPunk is a first-person multiplayer VR experience in which you will unleash extraordinary powers and turn into a mighty magician who will cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with his/hers own hands. And yes, you will be immersed in a stunning, abstract world, experiencing fast-paced magical duels.

Challenge your friends, become a Spellcaster and experience powers unknown!

~ Spell Casting: Draw the magic symbols for spells right with your hands. No pesky menus to get in the way here. Feel the actual power in your fingertips!
~ Comic Book Art Style: If you are a comic book lover, you will definitely enjoy SpellPunk's visuals.
~ Characters: SpellPunk features a full body avatar, which will increase the immersive experience making you feel like a real magician yourself and places you right in the magical duel.
~ Powerful Visual Effects: The beautifully crafted VFX emphasise the grandeur of the spells and create a feeling of wonder and fulfilment after each successful spell cast.
~ Specially Composed Music: SpellPunk features a banging hip hop mixed with techno soundtrack to accompany you during your duels.
~ Offline / Training mode: Experience the game offline versus an AI opponent to train your skills. The training mode is also suitable in cases where you have a very slow Internet connection or when an Internet connection is not available.
~ Casual matchmaking: Experience the game, playing an unranked multiplayer match where you have more health and mana than a normal or ranked match. This mode is suitable for people who are not very competitive and just want to have fun and / or train their skills versus other real players.
~ Normal matchmaking: Experience an unranked multiplayer match versus a human opponent that has no effect on your ELO rating.
~ Ranked matchmaking: Compete online for sweet victory and ranking on the Leaderboards.

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Please note that SpellPunk VR is in Early Access. 

SpellPunk is a VR game with huge potential and although at the current stage of its development the game is fully playable with 1v1 matchmaking game mode featuring 8 full body avatars, 5 battle arenas and 10 different spells, we strongly believe that we can give our players a much deeper experience. As SpellPunk is a multiplayer game, we want to get the community on board and playing it as soon as possible. This will allow us to determine the direction we want to take SpellPunk into and get that oh so important PvP balancing done just right. We are willing to develop the game with the community as our co-pilot, because the single most important thing to a multiplayer game is the players playing it.

The full version of SpellPunk will feature new customisable avatars, battle arenas, new game modes including 2v2, 3v3 and daily challenges and many new spells. We plan to roll out bi-weekly updates to the game with new and exciting content, as well as balance changes based on the community feedback we receive.

We have fun stuff planned like developer blogs, online sessions, chats, and much, much more. Our team will appreciate the time you put in playing SpellPunk and the advice you will be giving, so we promise you to take your feedback and ideas into consideration, because we truly believe that this will lead to a game we will all be proud of.

We believe in giving advantages to our early supporters, so we intend to increase the price of SpellPunk when we release the full version of the game later this year. It is unnecessary to mention that players who join us during the Early Access period will have access to the full version of the game no matter how large it grows with time.

If you’ve always wanted to watch and influence a game's design process from its early access ‘till the official release and share the dream of a first person VR experience in which you will be able to cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with your own hands, then do it by being part of our Early Access. We will be happy to have you on board!

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What's New

Added Windows Mixed Reality support

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